Tibetan Monks and Tibetan Rituals for Wealth: A Path to Prosperity and Good Fortune

Tibetan Buddhism is renowned for its rich tapestry of Tibetan rituals and practices, many of which are believed to attract wealth, luck, and prosperity to benefactors and donors.

These Tibetan rituals are performed by highly trained monks, lamas, and rinpoches, and involve intricate ceremonies and profound spiritual practices.

In this article, we will explore some of the most powerful Tibetan rituals aimed at attracting wealth and good fortune, delving into their purposes, procedures, and the sacrifices involved.

prayer wheel
Prayer wheel from a Tibetan Monk

tibetan ritual
Tibetan Wealth Vase

Purpose: Tibetan Ritual to attract and enhance wealth, prosperity, and material success for benefactors.

How It Is Done:

  • Preparation: The Tibetan ritual begins with the creation of a wealth vase, which is filled with precious substances like gold, silver, gemstones, grains, and holy relics.
  • Invocation: Monks invoke Dzambhala, the Buddhist deity of wealth, through chants and mantras.
  • Blessing: The vase is blessed with sacred water and ritual objects, infusing it with the energy of Dzambhala.
  • Distribution: Benefactors receive a small portion of the blessed substances to place in their homes or businesses.

What Makes It the Best: The Wealth Vase Ceremony is highly revered for its comprehensive approach, combining material and spiritual elements to attract wealth. The blessings of Dzambhala are considered immensely powerful and effective.

Effects: Benefactors often report increased financial stability, business success, and overall prosperity. The presence of the wealth vase is believed to continuously attract positive energy and opportunities.

Sacrifices by Monks/Lamas/Rinpoches: Monks undergo extensive training and spiritual purification to perform this Tibetan ritual. They often spend days in meditation and chanting to prepare the vase and invoke the deity’s blessings.

Sacrifices by Donor/Benefactor: Benefactors are encouraged to make generous offerings to the monastery, including financial donations and offerings of food and supplies. They may also be asked to engage in personal practices such as reciting specific mantras or performing acts of generosity.

Success Stories: One notable story involves a business owner who faced bankruptcy. After participating in the Wealth Vase Ceremony and placing the blessed vase in his office, his business recovered and flourished, leading to unprecedented financial success.

Purpose: To remove obstacles and negative karma that hinder wealth and prosperity, thus opening the path to abundance.

How It Is Done:

  • Preparation: The ritual starts with the preparation of ritual instruments, including a drum (damaru) and a bell (drilbu).
  • Visualization: Monks visualize offering their own body as a feast to spirits and deities, symbolizing the severance of attachment and ego.
  • Chanting: Special mantras and chants are recited to invoke protective deities and cleanse negative influences.
  • Offering: Symbolic offerings are made to the deities and spirits, asking for their blessings and removal of obstacles.

What Makes It the Best: Chöd is unique in its approach to directly confronting and eliminating negative energies and karmic obstacles, providing a clear path for wealth and success to manifest.

Effects: Benefactors often experience a significant reduction in financial obstacles and an increase in opportunities for wealth. The ritual is believed to bring about a profound shift in energy, leading to enhanced prosperity.

Sacrifices by Monks/Lamas/Rinpoches: The practice requires deep meditative concentration and the ability to confront fear and ego, making it a highly demanding ritual for the monks.

Sacrifices by Donor/Benefactor: Benefactors are usually asked to make substantial offerings and engage in personal purification practices. They may also be encouraged to participate in the ritual mentally by visualizing their own obstacles being removed.

Success Stories: A philanthropist reported that after sponsoring a Chöd ritual, his financial investments, which had been stagnant, began to yield substantial returns, significantly increasing his wealth.

Purpose: To invoke the blessings of Tara, particularly the Green Tara, for wealth, protection, and the removal of financial obstacles.

How It Is Done:

  • Preparation: The ritual space is prepared with offerings of flowers, incense, and sacred objects.
  • Invocation: Monks chant the praises and mantras of Green Tara, invoking her swift action and blessings.
  • Offerings: Special offerings, known as torma, are made to Tara, symbolizing devotion and the request for her assistance.
  • Blessing: The ritual concludes with the distribution of blessed water and substances to the benefactors.

What Makes It the Best: Tara is known for her compassionate and swift intervention in removing obstacles. The Tibetan ritual is deeply spiritual, focusing on the grace and power of Tara to bring about immediate and transformative changes.

Effects: Benefactors often notice a rapid improvement in financial situations, increased protection from misfortune, and overall prosperity. The blessings of Tara are considered particularly potent and effective.

Sacrifices by Monks/Lamas/Rinpoches: Monks dedicate significant time to the preparation and chanting required for the ritual. They must maintain a high level of spiritual discipline to effectively invoke Tara’s blessings.

Sacrifices by Donor/Benefactor: Benefactors are encouraged to make offerings of gold, jewelry, or other valuables, as well as to engage in acts of compassion and generosity in their daily lives.

Success Stories: An entrepreneur shared that after sponsoring a Tara Puja, his struggling business began to thrive, leading to new contracts and significant financial gains.


Tibetan rituals for wealth and prosperity are powerful practices that combine deep spiritual elements with material intentions. Whether through the Wealth Vase Ceremony, Chöd Practice, or Tara Puja, these Tibetan rituals offer profound benefits for those seeking to enhance their financial situation. By participating in these sacred ceremonies and making the necessary sacrifices, both monks and benefactors can unlock a path to greater wealth, luck, and overall prosperity.


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