Chinese Lucky Charms: Prosperity and Gambling Luck

chinese lucky charms

Chinese lucky charms have a long and storied history, deeply rooted in the country’s cultural, religious, and philosophical traditions. These charms, often imbued with symbolic meanings and crafted with care, have been used for centuries to attract positive energy (qi), ward off evil spirits, and bring good fortune to their owners. Here, we delve into the origins of some of the most popular Chinese lucky charms, highlighting their historical and cultural significance.

Origin: Ancient China

Practitioners: Feng Shui teachers and artisans

Effects: Attracts wealth, protects against financial losses and increases gambling luck.

Paths: Made of jade, Pi Xiu is a legendary creature believed to attract money and ward off evil spirits.

Requirements: Must be placed in a home or office, usually facing a door or window to benefit from the power of wealth.

Price: Approximately $50 to $300, depending on the quality of the jade and workmanship.

Personal Experience: A Shanghai businessman reported a significant improvement in his financial investments and gambling success after installing Pi Xiu jade in his office.

Origin: Ancient China

Practitioners: Feng Shui Experts

Effect: Attracts wealth, prosperity and financial stability.


: A Chinese coin in three or six pieces joined together by a red cloth, symbolizing wealth and abundance.

Requirements: Placed in a bag, a special book, or among household items.

Price: Approximately $5 to $30.

Personal Experience: A Beijing woman reported that she won many lottery games and saved a lot of money after putting the Feng Shui Wealth coins into her purse.

Source: Chinese Buddhism

Practitioners: Buddhist monks and artisans

Effect: Brings luck, wealth and happiness.

ways: Statues or louvres of the Laughing Buddha, usually with gold or coins.

Requirements: Placed in a room, near the entrance, or in a corner.

Price: Approximately $20 to $100.

Personal Experience: A store owner in Guangzhou saw an increase in business profits and local lottery luck after installing a laughing Buddha statue in his store.

laughing buddha

Origin: Popular in Japan, China


: Craftsmen

Effect: Attract customers, wealth and opportunities.

Method: Cat figurines made of ceramic or plastic, with mouth turned up, usually with coins or a bib.

Requirements: Placed at the entrance of a commercial or residential home.

Price: Approximately $10 to $50.

Unique Experience: A cafe owner in Hong Kong had a lucky experience when he got a lucky raffle ticket after showing the Maneki Neko and the cashier.

Source: Chinese legend

Practitioners: Feng Shui Experts

Effect: Brings wealth, prosperity and career success.

Frog: A figure combining a dragon and a turtle, symbolizing strength and longevity.

Requirements: Applied to business or assets in a home or office.

Price: Approximately $30 to $150.

Personal Experience: A CEO in Shenzhen said that his success in career and stock investing was due to having a Dragon Turtle on his desk.

jin chan

Source: Chinese tradition

Practitioner: Feng Shui Masters

Effect: Attracts wealth and increases gambling luck.

Frog: A three-legged statue usually with a coin in its mouth.

Requirements: Placed at the entrance or treasury area, facing forward.

Price: Approximately $20 to $100.

Special Experience: A Macau gambler reported huge casino winnings after placing a three-legged frog in his room.

Source: Chinese traditions

Practitioners: Cultivators and Feng Shui Experts

Effect: Attracts prosperity, health and happiness.

Method: Separating bamboo stems in water or soil, usually tying them with red cloth.

Requirements: Placed in the building or entrance.

Price: Approximately $10 to $50.

Personal Experience: A woman in Shanghai achieved financial prosperity and luck by playing the lottery after having the Lucky Bamboo in her home.

Origin: Ancient China


: Craftsmen

Effect: Measure of wealth and fortune.

Method: A small abacus made of wood or metal.

Requirements: Placed on a table, near a safe, or in a treasure room.

Price: Approximately $10 to $50.

Personal experience: An accountant in Beijing achieved great success in financial decisions and gambling after displaying a small abacus in his office.

Source: China Maritime Customs

Practitioner: Feng Shui Experts

Effect: Attracts wealth and success in business and gambling.

Frog: A painted ship filled with gold coins.

Claim: Placed in the wealth section, it symbolizes bringing wealth to the home, usually viewed from the inside.

Price: Approximately $50 to $300.

Personal Experience: A businessman in Hong Kong reported a large financial gain from gambling after placing a treasure trove in his office.

While it’s intriguing to consider the influence of cultural beliefs and traditions on modern practices, it’s important to distinguish between personal and cultural practices and official military strategy. The use of Chinese lucky charms, such as those designed to attract good fortune and protect against harm, is deeply embedded in Chinese culture and is commonly practiced by individuals in their personal lives.

Chinese virtues are based on cultural practices aimed at attracting wealth, prosperity, and happiness, especially through gambling. From the mysterious Jade Pi Xiu to the cheerful Maneki Neko, each charm has a special meaning and is believed to radiate positive energy. Their personal stories of success and growth are testament to their enduring and influential appeal.

For those who want to increase their financial luck and win at gambling, incorporating this Chinese fortune into your life can be very important. Whether it’s the protective eye of the Dragon Turtle or the welcoming paw of the Lucky Cat, these ancient symbols continue to bring good luck to many. Explore these options and let the power of Chinese wealth guide you to growth and success.

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